A Cause and A Home

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I mentioned a few weeks ago I was in the process of revamping my Etsy shop.  I replaced every photo, upgraded my SEO (which I’ve recently learned needs additional revisions), and removed items from my shop that didn’t seem to fit with my general theme.  I’ve done as much as I can to keep up my social media posts, given that I still have a full time job, a family, and two weekly yoga classes to teach.  I’m moving toward working smarter, not harder.

Still, with all my efforts, I have a lot of don’t worry dolls and art tags that need homes and I haven’t yet found a cause that fits my intention.  So I guess I’m putting this out to all of you, my readers.  I need your suggestions.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

I’d like a percentage of my sales from marygLOVESart® to go to a cause directly serving the lives of women and children.  I like the idea of funding small businesses so women can support their children and make a living.  I also have a personal history with cancer and want to support cancer patients and their caregivers in ways I can.  I’m looking for ideas with this and also ways to get the word out about my don’t worry dolls and art.

Last week I was listening to a conversation with a woman who runs a successful Etsy shop.  She talked about her approach to business.  She focuses not so much on promoting her products, but on building relationships that draw others to what she has to offer.  That kind of approach fits with my heart.  I’m happy that so many of my Etsy sales have been to people I know.  This means a great deal to me.  Now I’m asking for your guidance and support in an additional way.  I’m open to ideas for causes you like, and ways to get more of my worry dolls and angels in the hands of those whose hearts could use a bit of happiness.  A cause and a home are counting on you.