A Journal for Summer Travel and Life

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I write this post on my 66th birthday.  It’s baffling to think of how I got this far in what seems like the blink of an eye.  I still vividly remember the day I turned seven. My dad and I got up early and he drove me down to the hardware store to claim my new bike.  It was green with a red and white diamond seat.  Although I didn’t realize it at the time, I think I was as happy about being up early with my dad as I was about the bike.

Birthdays have become a season of reflection, setting intentions for the months ahead, and taking stock of where I want to focus my attention for the coming year.  As each day passes, my art becomes more significant and definitely calls me to spend more time on it.  It’s no coincidence that my most recent artistic project is a summer travel art journal.

Three years ago when we flew to Ireland, I decided to document our trip with an art journal.  I prepped all the pages, collected memorabilia, and saved spaces to add in photos when we returned home.  It turned out to be a wonderful way to remember the trip AND it gave me an excuse to keep making art as we traveled.  One of my favorite memories was setting up my small art studio overlooking the grounds of the castle where we were staying.  A similar journal documented our trip to Scotland last summer.  This year I made my own “urban journal” (thanks to Roben-Marie Smith for the tutorial https://robenmariestudio.com/p/urban-journal-remix) to take with me on our east coast trip.  Although we haven’t left yet, I went ahead and started on my new journal anyway.

The first few pages seem random.  However, I feel like the journal is inviting me to address current threads of my life that form and inform who I’ve become.  I can see that it’s much more than a record of our upcoming trip, inspiring an exploration of my life journey.  Yes, I will include remnants of our travels and save space for adding photos when the trip is over.  And it will weave together the loose ends that have gotten me this far.  Perhaps it will reveal at least part of the tapestry my life has become, and help me appreciate its beauty.