A Rey of Sunshine

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I mentioned my granddaughter, Faith, who was the original inspiration for my don’t worry dolls.  She still inspires me. We spent the weekend together and she wasted no time at all getting her hands on my art supplies.

When her other grandmother took her shopping at the Disney store, she purchased a Star Wars speeder bike.  In the latest movie the bike is ridden by Rey, the main character, who also happens to be one of Faith’s favorites.  As soon as we were back at the house, she decided to make a Rey doll to go with the speeder.  She choose a wooden clothespin, like those I use for my don’t worry dolls, but was soon challenged by the fact that the clothespin legs would not be wide enough to ride the speeder.  After a series of considerations, Faith decided her Rey would just stand by the bike.

As she created Rey, she continually asked for my advice, then promptly rejected most of it.  I made myself available as needed, and mostly gave her space, because she was going to do things her way anyway, regardless of what I offered.  She was insistent on making a bun for Rey’s hair so I gave her a black bead, which, being a bead, had a hole in it.  Faith used the bead, but added her own touch by stuffing a tiny scrap of paper into the hole and coloring it black with a marker.

In the end, her Rey had several characteristics I never would have thought of.  The wrapped sparkly yarn made a perfect outfit for the doll.  And I have to admit, the bun was impressive.  For most of my adult life I have been a teacher, a teacher who has diligently offered invitations to children, then stepped aside, trusting their creativity as makers to prevail.  The recent young artist in my studio confirmed the validity of this path.