A Tart Is Art

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This morning for breakfast, in honor of Father’s Day, I made a peach-blueberry tart for my husband, Bill.  Although he’s not MY father, he’s a father to our daughters, grandfather to our five grandkids, and a father figure to many he comes in contact with regularly.  Bill’s a great supporter of my artist self, especially when the artistry is expressed as food.

I’ve enjoyed cooking for most of my adult life, with the exception of a period around the time my girls were teens and their approval rate of my cooking was low.  They still occasionally remind me how I traumatized them with brown rice, mushrooms, and tofu.

My interest in food preparation as an artistic process was renewed nine years ago when I made the decision to switch to a gluten free diet.  That choice opened up a whole new approach to baking and eating, as I learned to navigate a diet that was both vegetarian and gluten free.  I’ve mostly stayed with that approach until recently.

In April we had the opportunity to see WHAT THE HEALTH  (http://www.whatthehealthfilm.com), a film supported by our friend, Sailesh Rao,  who is the founder of Climate Healers (http://www.climatehealers.org).  The film is about the impact of animal agriculture on our global climate.  One of the main points of the film is to explain the benefits (to ourselves and the planet) of adopting a vegan lifestyle.  After that, it was easy to make the transition from vegetarian to vegan.

Interestingly, the switch to vegan has inspired a new enjoyment of cooking.  I love the challenge and the surprises it brings, trying to think of ways to replace what used to involve a lot of dairy and eggs.  It’s fun to see what others are doing and discover new recipes.  Being vegan has brought out the artist in me once again, and it’s an added bonus that creativity with food can also help the planet.