Mary Glover

IMG_0197I’ve been a maker and artist all my life.  I had the great fortune of having parents who gave me raw materials to work with instead of coloring books, and spent a significant amount of my childhood making accessories for my troll dolls, building forts, and creating worlds from my imagination.  I had a free-range childhood.  As I grew up, art was merely something I did for fun and I didn’t take myself seriously as an artist.  Instead of pursuing art, I started a school in 1977, which happily became my life work.


Then, in 2011, early stage breast cancer changed everything.  The first thing I did on the day of my diagnosis was purchase an art IMG_9950journal. Art, particularly mixed-media collage, carried  me through the whole ordeal and it was cancer’s blessing in disguise. Now fully recovered, I practice art as much as I can, making collages, cards, and my latest creations (inspired by my eight-year-old granddaughter), unique, whimsical, handmade “don’t worry” dolls and angels.  At the suggestion of a few of my devoted collectors, I decided to broaden my audience by opening an Etsy shop in 2015. I love to make custom pieces for people, so if you have an idea, let me know. I’d love to make something personal, just for you. I hope my work makes your heart as happy as it does mine creating it.


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