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Two weeks ago my daughter walked into my art studio and looked at the plastic bin overflowing with collage materials.  “You need to do something about that corner.  It’s your relationship area.”  She went on to explain what she knew about feng shui (https://fengshuiforreallife.com/basics/) and pulled up a bagua map to show me the nine zones.  Each zone has colors, elements, and characteristics.  The bagua map also suggests items to place in each area, such as a water feature or plant.

Putting my ability to hyper-focus into action, I started organizing the back corner early Saturday afternoon.  I moved my overflowing collage materials to an empty file cabinet drawer, and it filled the whole drawer.  By Sunday evening, my entire art room was transformed.  I challenged myself to complete the process without spending any money, which forced me to be extra creative.  For example, I have a small yellow pie cabinet I use for my art fair display.  I took it off the shelf, put a purple cloth over the top, and turned it into a small stand beside my meditation cushion.  For several areas requiring specific colors, I utilized many of the fabrics I already had for making my don’t worry dolls.

One of the best aspects of this process is seeing how everything has its place.  Each zone has a specific focus or purpose.  Remembering this, I’m putting things back in their places instead of letting them pile up.  It’s a built-in reminder to take that extra moment to return an item to its designated location.

The process inspired me to create a few new art pieces.  I needed something yellow in the middle of the room.  So instead of buying a yellow rug, I took strips of yellow fabric and tied a don’t worry angel with a yellow sparkly dress to it and hung it from the ceiling fan cord.  I also needed something purple in my Power • Wealth • Abundance area.  There was a perfect spot on the wall for the 16 x 20 canvas I happened to have on hand.  I pulled together as many purple items as I could find for a mixed media collage, including some beautiful purple and pink roses I photocopied from a card and envelope I’d received.  Chinese coins were added as accents and the only thing left was how to fill one open space.  The Chinese character for abundance fit perfectly.  Regardless if it brings abundance and wealth my way, it feels good to have a balanced, inspiring space in which to work.