An Artist Comes of Age

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My granddaughter, Faith, who inspired my don’t worry dolls, isn’t the only artist among my grandchildren.  All five of them have created their share of artistic expressions in my studio over the years.  However, the one who has made the most appearances lately is my second to the oldest granddaughter, Emily.  Emily practices art for many of the same reasons I do, one being to keep my hands busy as I process thoughts and feelings.  She is also fearless with materials and has no problem bringing forth works of art from the depths of a grand mess.

Emily loves working with acrylics on canvas.  She makes art for her friends, often using some wacky idea she’s found on the internet. Occasionally, I’ll beg her for a piece she’s just made, such as the one featured here.  She originally said it was an image of her friend, but I think it looks a lot like Emily.  There seemed to be symbolism in this painting that I felt the urge to hang onto for awhile.

In the last few months Emily has been through a process of deep personal self-growth.  She’s one of the most courageous beings I know.  Emily is funny, kind, tenderhearted, quirky, smart, and beautiful, inside and out.  Her art expresses all of these qualities.  On Saturday she turns eighteen, high school will be completed, and a whole new world awaits her.  I’m more than happy to provide all the art supplies necessary for her coming of age, as long as I can add a piece or two to my collection from time to time.