Angels, Second Time Around

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In 1995 when my friend Jennifer’s daughter died of cancer, weeks after her second birthday, the grief was overwhelming.  I’d been experimenting with polymer clay and had the idea to make angel pins in Caitlin’s memory.  The first ones were rather primitive looking, but as I practiced, my techniques improved.  Since Caitlin had been bald virtually…

Free Spirit Trio

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I hadn’t planned on taking stowaways along when we traveled to Scotland.  It happened, though, at Bill’s suggestion and they definitely added their flair to our adventure.  In fact, they saved my iPhone.  At first I kept my don’t worry angels in a plastic container just the right size for all three.  As they got used…

Story of the Don’t Worry Dolls

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Faith, my youngest granddaughter, is an artist, too.  She’s fearless with art materials and loves to take over “the art room” whenever she visits.  For years I’ve hidden the Sharpies when I knew she’d be coming over, due to the frequent permanent marks on the floor or table in the aftermath of her visits.  No matter much I…

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