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Two weeks ago my daughter walked into my art studio and looked at the plastic bin overflowing with collage materials.  “You need to do something about that corner.  It’s your relationship area.”  She went on to explain what she knew about feng shui ( and pulled up a bagua map to show me the nine zones….

Make Each Day Count

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Last Sunday I started a blog post about the pile of tags that have been stacked on my work table for several months.  I was making them in batches so I could list similar ones in multiples in my Etsy shop.  Since most of my listings are unique items, I try to have a few…

Service Journal

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Yesterday was Friendship Day (shouldn’t every day be friendship day?), so I called my friend Annie, the friend I recently visited in Maine.  Annie and I met in 1971, so we have history.  She knows me as well as anyone.  We reminisced about our wonderful visit and then the conversation turned to my summer art…

A Journal for Summer Travel and Life

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I write this post on my 66th birthday.  It’s baffling to think of how I got this far in what seems like the blink of an eye.  I still vividly remember the day I turned seven. My dad and I got up early and he drove me down to the hardware store to claim my…

A Tart Is Art

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This morning for breakfast, in honor of Father’s Day, I made a peach-blueberry tart for my husband, Bill.  Although he’s not MY father, he’s a father to our daughters, grandfather to our five grandkids, and a father figure to many he comes in contact with regularly.  Bill’s a great supporter of my artist self, especially…

Second Chance Folder

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One day recently, when my work space started closing in on me, I decided it was time to tidy up.  There were dozens of small pieces of torn maps, greeting cards, rice paper, and other bits from various projects.  I took a recycled folder from school that had “adverb packets” on the tab and started…

An Artist Comes of Age

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My granddaughter, Faith, who inspired my don’t worry dolls, isn’t the only artist among my grandchildren.  All five of them have created their share of artistic expressions in my studio over the years.  However, the one who has made the most appearances lately is my second to the oldest granddaughter, Emily.  Emily practices art for many…

Old Fashioned General Store

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It hasn’t exactly been the most prosperous time for my art business.  I’ve had a few sales here and there, but despite an overhaul of photos and listings, my Etsy shop has been slow at best.  After listening to dozens of podcasts, seeking expert advice, and joining support groups for how to grow a business, I’ve come to…

It’s All about the Art

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Two years ago I began posting my art on Instagram.  This was the first image I posted.  It was an assignment from Lifebook 2015 (, a year long online art course with artists from all over the planet.  In addition to the artists, Lifebook introduced me to new techniques, materials, and tools for self-expression.  It changed my life….

In the Palm of A Hand

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A week ago I visited my friend who is recovering from ovarian cancer surgery.  Sitting in bed with a nest of pillows around her, she smiled as I entered the room.  I sat in a bedside chair and noticed the teal colored “don’t worry” doll I gave her clutched in her hand.  This made me…

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