Changing It Up

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My Etsy shop is having an identity crisis.  For the past several weeks, my shop has been in overhaul mode and I’m still not totally happy with it.  As a participant in Jenny Waldrop’s Etsy Academy (, I decided to try some of her ideas, one being to identify my niche.  I made the choice to focus my shop solely on the don’t worry dolls.  I still love making collages, cards, and tags, yet at the same time, I’d like to grow my Etsy business more in the direction of my passion.  The dolls hold most of my attention right now.

I removed all of my non-doll listings.  I may develop some few new products in the future that incorporate cards and tags with a don’t worry doll, but that’s on the back burner for now.   My plan is also to diversify the dolls, such as creating a line of mermaids.  I’m sensing that being more specific with my niche will create openings in new ways.

What I’m struggling with the most is the photography.  I’ve switched out my product photos, listing the dolls with all white backgrounds.  Personally, I love the photos of the dolls in outdoor settings, such as our garden, although the backgrounds do distract from the dolls themselves.  So far I’ve managed to get by using my iPhone.  Lately, though, I can’t seem to get the quality I’m looking for.

It would be easy to to slip into self-criticism at this point, disregarding what I’ve done in the last year to create marygLOVESart®.  So today I’ve decided to pause during this transition phase and reflect on my original intention, to make art for happy hearts.  Each handcrafted doll is an expression of my heart and when each one finds a home, a whole lot of love goes with it.  Each transformed clothespin becomes a messenger of hope in the form of a don’t worry doll.  These days, when so much of life feels overwhelming, it’s one thing I can do for my own heart, too, send out love a doll at a time.