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beach sand castle

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I hadn’t planned on taking stowaways along when we traveled to Scotland.  It happened, though, at Bill’s suggestion and they definitely added their flair to our adventure.  In fact, they saved my iPhone.  At first I kept my don’t worry angels in a plastic container just the right size for all three.  As they got used to traveling, and I became less concerned about them being fragile, we settled for a ziploc bag for their transport.

I posed them at airports where we landed and took off, including at the Starbucks in the Glasgow airport.  One caught the rosy sunrise over the Atlantic, as I captured her gazing out at the plane’s wing.  The angels explored a sand castle on the beach facing out to the North Sea and they lined up in a tiny greenhouse, just their size, in a Stirling B&B.  I photographed them on a stone angel in the cemetery outside of Stirling Castle, and one braved the wind for a photo shoot with Loch Ness in the background.  They looked right at home in mossy trees where fairies could have lived, both on Skye and near Dunstaffnage Castle.

One of our biggest adventures with the angels was the day we hiked in the rain to Coral Beach on Skye.  Although we had adequate raincoats, our feet and legs were quickly soaked as we trudged along the muddy path.  I had the angels in one pocket (in their plastic bag) and my iPhone in the other.  I thought my phone would be safe in my pocket, but soon  realized the lining was wet.  Evidently, it soaked up from my soggy boots and jeans.  Flashing back to several of my iPhones having met their demise in water, I was hoping this would not be the case for my current one.  I quickly shifted the phone to my other pocket, slipping it into the don’t worry dolls’ tightly sealed bag.  I was hoping they’d work some magic so I wouldn’t have to worry about my phone.

Everything turned out just fine.  We finished the trip with a well-functioning phone and three not-so-worn-out angels.  I was surprised by how many people commented on the photos I posted on social media.  Quite few said they enjoyed traveling with us through the eyes of the don’t worry dolls.  I enjoyed having them along, too, and appreciated how their presence made me look at the places we went with a slightly different eye.  I’m sure it won’t be our last adventure together.