Hope Instead of Red

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Last Wednesday was International Women’s Day.  Partly through the day I realized there was a call to wear red, which I somehow missed.  That morning I put on my shirt with large pink letters spelling “hope” in support of a friend who was undergoing surgery for ovarian cancer that morning. Throughout the day I kept feeling like I was out of synch with International Women’s Day, not participating enough.  I spent time with my oldest granddaughter, whom I hadn’t seen much of in the past few months, listening to stories about her recent personal discoveries.  Later in the day we sat with our daughter at basketball games in which our two youngest grandchildren were playing.

Since we were on spring break, I used my time that day to make art, small items with messages of hope, inspiration, and happiness.  I put finishing touches on a special don’t worry doll for my friend who was recovering in the hospital.  I spent a bit of time with my husband and prepared for the journey I would be taking on Friday to see my aging parents in Nebraska.

As the day came to a close, I thought again about International Women’s Day.  Although I didn’t wear red, everything I did was done in the intended spirit of the day.  Sometimes red manifests in different shades.  And sometimes red looks a lot like hope.