Don’t Worry Dolls

I started making don’t worry dolls about a year ago (  I make them out of wooden clothespins and vintage clothespins.  When I began I mostly used what I had:  embroidery thread, a bit of yarn, scraps from baby quilts I’ve made, and leftover beads from previous jewelry making days.  Before long I was frequenting thrift stores for unique fabrics and purchasing yarn locally and from Etsy shops.

Since my don’t worry dolls’ early days, my collection of both fabrics and yarns has expanded.  I’ve revised my techniques for painting their faces so they are more uniform.  It’s interesting, though, that even when I use the exact same tools and method to create their faces, each one seems to have a slightly different expression.

At first I only made dolls and then it occurred to me that I could add wings.  Soon angels were everywhere in my studio.  The most recent ones all have eye hooks so they can double as an ornament.  I’ve learned it’s easier and faster to make them in groups by color.  Some of the photos below demonstrate how this is done.

I love playing with colors and textures as I create my dolls and angels.  And one thing for sure, I never worry about running out of ideas.


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