It’s All about the Art

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Two years ago I began posting my art on Instagram.  This was the first image I posted.  It was an assignment from Lifebook 2015 (, a year long online art course with artists from all over the planet.  In addition to the artists, Lifebook introduced me to new techniques, materials, and tools for self-expression.  It changed my life.

Since then I’ve continued my practice as an artist, working in mixed media collage on watercolor paper and canvas.  Shipping tags altered with stitching, more collage, and meaningful sayings have been a favorite project.  And, of course, there are the don’t worry dolls (  For most of my life I dismissed my artistic self, not really taking that part of me seriously.  She persisted, though, and over time I’ve been able to create more space in my schedule to be that artist.

I’ve opened an Etsy shop, started my own art business, and continued to post my art regularly on Instagram.  I realized not long ago that there are a few artists who consistently like and/or comment on my work.  I find myself drawn to their art and often make comments, too.  It’s like a small, supportive community growing around me, all from Instagram.  I look forward to seeing their work posted on a regular basis and receiving their feedback about my art.  Their work inspires me and draws me back to my art studio again and again.  I find it fascinating how someone can be such a strong influence without knowing much about them personally.  In most cases, I don’t even know their names.  It’s all about the art.