Make Each Day Count

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Last Sunday I started a blog post about the pile of tags that have been stacked on my work table for several months.  I was making them in batches so I could list similar ones in multiples in my Etsy shop.  Since most of my listings are unique items, I try to have a few from which I can make multiple sales. Coming up with the original idea for my tags is the most exciting part; finishing off the remaining ones, not so much.  Completing similar groups of tags, although enjoyable, isn’t nearly as interesting as the times when new ideas are flowing.

Throughout the week I did make progress on my pile of tags, although they’re still not all quite completed.  This was due partly to my busy schedule and also to an invitation that came my way.  On Friday, Roben-Marie Smith (, an on-line artist I’ve been studying with since 2015, put forth a challenge I could not resist.  It’s a seven day challenge called Playing Tag Art Challenge, using tags of all sorts in innovative ways.  The prompts so far have ranged from a small book within a book, all made from tags, a “hide and seek” challenge, where a hidden message was tucked somewhere on the tag, and a square shaped tag.  Today’s day 4 challenge ended up being a “make your own adventure” experience and I was really happy with how it turned out.  I’m constantly collecting miscellaneous items that usually end up in the trash or recycle, such as clothing tags.  Lately I’ve been using repurposed school folders instead of canvases or fancy watercolor paper.  Magazines and store ads are easy prey for cutout letters.  All of the above ended in the tag I made today.

My day 4 tag came together with odds and ends from several other projects.  It even has a little flap that opens to a space where a small thought can be written down.  This tag, in particular, opened up much more for me as an artist than a tiny place to write an idea.  In fact, I’m just beginning to see the possibilities.  The message on the tag is “make each day count.”  These words rings true for me on this day as I took the challenge to try something new.  I thank Roben-Marie for offering this wonderful invitation to artists all over the world, and for so generously providing encouragement and inspiration.