Mixed Media Art

My interest in mixed media art has been around for a long time.  It was intensified one year when my sister gave me a subscription to Cloth, Paper, Scissors, a magazine devoted to mixed media art. I discovered the work of artists I’d never seen before, such as Pam Carriker ( and Donna Downey (

I signed up for a year of weekly mixed media art lessons through Tamara LaPorte’s Lifebook 2015 ( and my life as an artist changed dramatically. Each week artists from all over the world received an online lesson.  We learned how to use different materials and how to make our own stamps and stencils.  Whimsical characters, color mixing, and collage layering techniques permanently hooked me as an artist.  One of the teachers who most influences me is Roben-Marie Smith (  Her altered tags, stitching on paper, and exquisite layering tips have shifted the direction of my collages significantly.

Here are just a few of my mixed media collages and tags.  Making these over the past five years has truly made my heart happy.


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