Old Fashioned General Store

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It hasn’t exactly been the most prosperous time for my art business.  I’ve had a few sales here and there, but despite an overhaul of photos and listings, my Etsy shop has been slow at best.  After listening to dozens of podcasts, seeking expert advice, and joining support groups for how to grow a business, I’ve come to realize that what I offer is a relatively small niche.  In other words, not that many people want what I sell.  I was advised to alter my offerings so that more people would want to buy from me.  One expert also suggested I narrow the variety of items I sell in my shop so buyers wouldn’t be confused.  I heeded her advice for awhile but it didn’t make a difference.  Although I did finally make my 100th sale on Etsy, it’s been quiet around etsy.com/shop/marygLOVESart.

About two weeks ago I reached a moment of clarity. It was time I started paying more attention to what my inner voice was saying, that there’s something bigger here than making sales.  It seemed like I was trying to grow my business by grabbing people’s attention and drawing them in. The approach of starting at the periphery and moving inward wasn’t a fit for me.  When I paused to reflect on my intention for starting a business in the first place, the path revealed itself.

For awhile now, the idea of an old fashioned general store has been floating around in my mind.  When I set up my Etsy shop, I wanted to offer products that inspire happy hearts. Instead of narrowing the product line and creating trending items, it makes more sense to keep making art that is true to MY heart.  If I stay in alignment with that intention, I believe the rest will fall into place.  Since I reached this awareness, I’ve made several connections with other artists, expanded my mixed media techniques, given a few don’t worry dolls to people who really need them, donated to silent auctions for causes in which I believe, and even made a sale or two.  I’m feeling a whole lot better about my art business.  By filling the “shelves” of my digital general store I have confidence that just the right customers will eventually wander through the door.