Story of the Don’t Worry Dolls

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Faith, my youngest granddaughter, is an artist, too.  She’s fearless with art materials and loves to take over “the art room” whenever she visits.  For years I’ve hidden the Sharpies when I knew she’d be coming over, due to the frequent permanent marks on the floor or table in the aftermath of her visits.  No matter much I tried to hide the pens, she always found them and used them.

In addition to being an artist, Faith is a worrier.  One time last fall she asked me if we could make worry dolls.  I bought wooden clothespins and handed them to her the next time she came over.  In no time, Faith assembled a worry doll and it looked like so much fun that I decided to make one, too.  That night Faith slept with her worry doll and woke up cheerfully the next morning announcing, “The worry doll worked.  I slept with it and I didn’t even worry one bit!”  When she told her grandfather Papa about it, he suggested we call them “don’t worry” dolls.  The name stuck and almost a year later, I’m still making them.