Sunday Practice

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Last weekend the bullet journaling world opened up to me.  I’d heard about it for several months, but for some reason wasn’t quite ready to make the leap.  Things shifted and a whole new universe appeared.  As I usually do with new interests, I jumped in wholeheartedly and what resulted was one of the most productive weeks I’ve had in a long time.  If you’re interested in bullet journaling, here’s the direct source:

If you look up bullet journaling, you’ll find endless resources.  In addition to the organizational component, there is ample inspiration for turning your journal into an art project.  As you can imagine, I am heavily leaning in that direction.  Still, even though I’ve set up a Pinterest board for bullet journaling, I remain diligent with using my journal to keep my life in order.  As I’ve done with many parts of my life, I’m approaching it as a practice.

Keeping the journal itself requires practice.  Establishing a daily/weekly/monthly habit of writing down tasks and events is necessary to keep the process alive.  Since there are so many different ways it can be done, part of the practice is sorting out what will work personally and what won’t.  Deciding how to create layouts (e.g. minimalist or with an artistic flair) is definitely a practice, particularly being accepting of mistakes or trials that didn’t go as expected.  It’s a practice that takes practice.

Since August 2016 when this website went live, my intention has been to write a weekly blog.  I have a well-established blogging practice for Awakening Seed (; however, adding a second blog per week has been a challenge.  I’m hopeful that my new bullet journal will keep me on track and I’ll be checking off my marygLOVESart blog on a regular basis.  It frequently reminds me of incomplete tasks, and I can already see I’m spending more time on tasks and less on my phone.

I know establishing a practice takes time.  It’s the accumulation of experiences that makes it a practice.  I’m optimistic that this Sunday post will be the first of many regular reflections on my life as an artist and maker.  So far, one for one is a good start.