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Two weeks ago my daughter walked into my art studio and looked at the plastic bin overflowing with collage materials.  “You need to do something about that corner.  It’s your relationship area.”  She went on to explain what she knew about feng shui ( and pulled up a bagua map to show me the nine zones….

Second Chance Folder

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One day recently, when my work space started closing in on me, I decided it was time to tidy up.  There were dozens of small pieces of torn maps, greeting cards, rice paper, and other bits from various projects.  I took a recycled folder from school that had “adverb packets” on the tab and started…

Old Fashioned General Store

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It hasn’t exactly been the most prosperous time for my art business.  I’ve had a few sales here and there, but despite an overhaul of photos and listings, my Etsy shop has been slow at best.  After listening to dozens of podcasts, seeking expert advice, and joining support groups for how to grow a business, I’ve come to…

For A Girl Who Might Be Nervous about Her Wedding

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My advisor and chief inspiration for marygLOVESart® paid me a visit last weekend.  That would be Faith, my almost ten-year-old granddaughter.  Amidst the numerous projects she herself was working on, she dished out plenty of suggestions.  The most significant one was for a new don’t worry doll–a bride.  In her words:  “I think you should…

Changing It Up

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My Etsy shop is having an identity crisis.  For the past several weeks, my shop has been in overhaul mode and I’m still not totally happy with it.  As a participant in Jenny Waldrop’s Etsy Academy (, I decided to try some of her ideas, one being to identify my niche.  I made the choice to…

Cara’s Angel

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Recently a woman contacted me through my Etsy shop to ask if I could make an angel for the top of her Christmas tree.  She saw my don’t worry dolls and wondered if I could make a bigger one for her.  I’d actually never thought of making them larger, so I said I’d give it a…

Etsy Conversation Podcast

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Not long after I started my Etsy shop a year ago, I ran across the Etsy Conversation Podcast.  Each week a different Etsy shop owner is interviewed by a delightful woman named Ijeoma.  I couldn’t believe my good fortune.  It was like a free crash course in how to run an Etsy shop.  As I…

A Rey of Sunshine

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I mentioned my granddaughter, Faith, who was the original inspiration for my don’t worry dolls.  She still inspires me. We spent the weekend together and she wasted no time at all getting her hands on my art supplies. When her other grandmother took her shopping at the Disney store, she purchased a Star Wars speeder…

Angels, Second Time Around

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In 1995 when my friend Jennifer’s daughter died of cancer, weeks after her second birthday, the grief was overwhelming.  I’d been experimenting with polymer clay and had the idea to make angel pins in Caitlin’s memory.  The first ones were rather primitive looking, but as I practiced, my techniques improved.  Since Caitlin had been bald virtually…

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