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Make Each Day Count

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Last Sunday I started a blog post about the pile of tags that have been stacked on my work table for several months.  I was making them in batches so I could list similar ones in multiples in my Etsy shop.  Since most of my listings are unique items, I try to have a few…

Second Chance Folder

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One day recently, when my work space started closing in on me, I decided it was time to tidy up.  There were dozens of small pieces of torn maps, greeting cards, rice paper, and other bits from various projects.  I took a recycled folder from school that had “adverb packets” on the tab and started…

A Rey of Sunshine

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I mentioned my granddaughter, Faith, who was the original inspiration for my don’t worry dolls.  She still inspires me. We spent the weekend together and she wasted no time at all getting her hands on my art supplies. When her other grandmother took her shopping at the Disney store, she purchased a Star Wars speeder…

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