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Service Journal

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Yesterday was Friendship Day (shouldn’t every day be friendship day?), so I called my friend Annie, the friend I recently visited in Maine.  Annie and I met in 1971, so we have history.  She knows me as well as anyone.  We reminisced about our wonderful visit and then the conversation turned to my summer art…

A Journal for Summer Travel and Life

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I write this post on my 66th birthday.  It’s baffling to think of how I got this far in what seems like the blink of an eye.  I still vividly remember the day I turned seven. My dad and I got up early and he drove me down to the hardware store to claim my…

Sunday Practice

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Last weekend the bullet journaling world opened up to me.  I’d heard about it for several months, but for some reason wasn’t quite ready to make the leap.  Things shifted and a whole new universe appeared.  As I usually do with new interests, I jumped in wholeheartedly and what resulted was one of the most…

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